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Celestial is an open world space survival which is playing on a Spherical world.

Story (WIP)

You are a Physicist Astronaut who is tasked with testing the first Warp drive created by Humankind, after a routine check on the drive Houston gives you the go to start the test, you were only supposed to jump for a few seconds and only a few 1000 km, but something during the test goes wrong the drive starts to overheat and an abyss looking like a black hole starts to emerge in front of your ship. the next thing you remember is waking up next to an unknown planet, your ship has nearly no energy left so you decide to crash land on the planet.


  • Explore a Spherical Planet of 250 square kilometers.
  • Gather Resources to Craft/Build up your base and Survive.
  • Survive in a Hostile Environment, with a variety of roaming Ai.



Feel free to leave feedback it's important to me to know which aspects of the project are fun and which are not, so I can improve.


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Version 66 Sep 16, 2019

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j'ai compris comment poser des batiment (touche 2, mais en azerty, la touche 1 et la touche 2 ne marche pas, ducoup g passez mon clavier en querty)

j'ai construit tout se qui etait possible de construire, mais je n'ai pas tout explorer.  mais j'ai penser a une petite liste de suggestion:

-  ajouter des blueprint obtenable dans les construction alien  

-  enlever la fleche rouge dans le model du véhicule volant

- des objets de décoration (une horloge, un fauteuil, une table, une lampe  ...  ) et de nouveaux batiment ( une salle non transparente, un dôme transparent,  avec la végétation  à l'interieur (ou on aurais un endroit des choisi pour selectionner une extension (une extension au milieu du dôme comme, une fontaine, un petit cabanon ... ) ) une porte ... )

-   refaire les bouton des menu (le menu de depart, le menu de pause et le menu de chargement (pour celui si, faire un sprite qui devien transparent vers la fin car la taille du text sort du boutton))

cela dit, je ne comprend pas vraiment qui on est dans le jeux, si on est un robot, alors pourquoi prenons nous des degat lorsque nous somme dans les gaz toxic, et si nous somme humain, alors pourquoi devons nous manger ??

I know now what place the buildings in the world (keybind 2, but that doesn't work in AZERTY)

I build everythings that possible to build, but I don't explored  everythings.  I made a suggestion list

- add some bluprint can get in a alien building  

- remove the red arrows in model of fly vehicule

- add decorative object ( like a clock, a armchair, a table, a lamp ...) and new building ( a room whith out transparancy (whith out glass, only wall), a glass dome with vegetation inside (with a build inside at middle we can choose like fountain, a caban ...) a door) 

- make new button for menu (start menu, pause menu, load menu (for load menu, the button must be transparently to the end because size of texte sometimes whit out of button,I talk about the button when we want to load a file, no the loading screen))

I don't understand who is the person we incarn in the game, if that a bot, why he is pain when he is in toxic gaz, and, if that a human, why he doesn't need to eat ??

ooups, i doesn't see they have a new version, maybe this post is no useful

thanks for the review again many good ideas, I will definitely start working on some of them soon!

j'ai de leger probleme pour POSER les chose, quand je construit un truc (assembler, terminal ...) je ne peux pas le poser, 
et lorsque l'on passe notre sourit sur les item de l'inventaire, sa serrait bien de voir les differente action qu'on a avec

note: le menu d’accueil est super moche, je sait pas trop se qui me derange avec ses bouton, mais je les trouve super moche
note n°2: le menu (touche echap) devrais mettre en pause le jeux,
et j'appuis souvent sur echap pour fermer l'inventaire, donc j'aimerais bien que la touche echap ferme l'inventaire sans ouvrir le menu quand l'inventaire est ouvert

sinon, je trouve que le quartz est un peux rare,
et que les endroit avec de la vegetation serrait meilleur si il y aurai different biome, et certaine espece de plante se trouverait qu'a un endroit.
note: je n'ai pas vue grand chose du jeux, j'ai juste pu explorer, puisque je n'arrive pas a poser les chose

thanks for the Review I already fixed some of your issues like closing the Inventory with Esc and also pausing the game, but I had a hard time understanding some of your questions since I don't speak France I had to use google translator.

How to build stuff.

to build something all you have todo is

1.Gather all the Resources.

2.Open the BluePrint tap in the Inventory.

3.Click on the Item you Want and can Craft.

4.After the Item is in your inventory simply Left Click on it and it should pop on in Game, now left click agin to place the Object.

I'm gonna add like a info text wich says "Left Click to Place"

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I'm sorry, I don't think you won't speek french (I have not a great english)

I just Say who place item from inventory to the World, and thanks for the reply

And I said I don't like the button of pause menu and start menu, 

Oh, and, for the inventory, I think that better in the inventory menu if I click on the categorie already open, that won't close this catégorie

And, a New catégorie with imformation like the slimepedia in slime rancher or thé PDA in subnautica, who explique what use thé différent machine, give imformation about place (like the téléporter to the caverne with lava, Big crystal and little cube red/blue), créature and plant, resource (like the utilities of quartz in machin)...

I think I not suppose to reply at a reply, i'm sorry for "thé" and other things like this, this is thé traductor automatique, if you won't understand some sentence, it's normal, I not have a great english, and Google traduction translate bad

I totally agree with you that there is definitely a need of some kind of Wiki wich explains how the game works etc :)

(2 edits)

thanks for making a video it really helped me understand some current issues :), the blue bar is you o2"Oxygen" you have to craft a terminal, Elektrolyser and Oxygen Station, I'm gonna change the hint text so it is easier to understand what they do.


I hope this feedback/test help you with game:
- Some default texture on assets (portal, O2, weapon, ...).
- Navigation Arrow not work.
- How make blue energy to survive?